Free as in speech, not as in beer. The Linux Users' Group at WSU

Our meetings are approximately twice a month (1st and 3rd weeks). Our meetings generally consist of students, alumni, industry professionals, or professors discussing a technical topic that is of interest to the club. During these meetings, we also have officer elections, discussions about where the club is going, and much more. If you have technical topic suggestions, please contact us via email or on social media.

Meeting Minutes

Meeting announcements will be posted here during the upcoming year. You can find all of our meeting minutes here.

Upcoming Meetings

April 19th @ 5:30pm, Sloan 169: Roll Your Own VPN with LUG Vice President, Noah Gibbon

Learn how to use open source tools and the free tier of Amazon AWS to spin up your own Virtual Private Network to encrypt your connection to the internet to prevent snooping from your ISP and mask your IP address.

January 25th @ 5:30pm, Sloan 150: Docker with LUG Sysadmin Mathew Merrick

Mathew Merrick, the LUG sysadmin will be giving a talk about Docker. He will be covering the following topics along with a demo:

  • Pre-Container Infrastructure
  • Scaling
  • Rise of the Container
  • The Tech and How it Works

This is going to be a great talk and we highly recommend that everyone comes!

Lastly, we will be electing a secretary and a vice president for this semester. If you are interested in getting involved, this is a great opportunity.

Free pizza and drinks will be served!

October 12th @ 5:30pm, Sloan 169: LaTeX w/Dr. Aaron Crandall

Level up your typsetting skills with Dr. Aaron Crandall in this interactive tutorial on LaTeX. Spice up your papers and ensure that A+ on your next lab report. Need a job? No employer will turn you down after looking at your expertly typeset resume. Heck, people will pay you to typeset their documents after attending this tutorial.

Free pizza and drinks will be served!