Free as in speech, not as in beer. The Linux Users' Group at WSU

The Washington State Linux Users Group (LUG) exists to promote the visibility and use of Linux and other Free and Open Source software. We give away free Linux USBs and Open Source software USBs for other operating systems, help install Linux, and run mailing lists providing free Linux support. It can be a big jump to break away from proprietary software, so we're here to help.

What We Do

Our goal is to give students opportunities in both academia and the professional world in order to further their knowledge and experience. To do this, we provide:

  • Linux Help & Advice: Offered during tutoring and office hours
  • Tech Talks:Every Tuesday, please check our meetings page for more information
  • Two Yearly LAN Parties: WinterWonderLAN in the Fall, WSUCon in the Spring

How to Join

Joining the LUG is easy, all you have to do is show up to meetings, eat pizza, and participate. We welcome everyone and would love to have you involved in our club. If you aren't sure when/where our meetings are, just check back on this website or join our Facebook group for updates on our meetings and other events. If you are looking to get more involved, please check out our Get Involved! page for more information.

LUG Drive

In order to keep our club open and transparent to all members, we have an open access Google Drive where we have our constitution, meeting minutes, proposals, and other important information. You can check it out here.


President - Andrew Christenson
Vice President - Drayer Sivertsen
Treasurer - [unfilled]
Secretary - Summer Whittlesey
Sysadmin Lead - [unfilled]
LAN Coordinator - [unfilled]