Xilinx ISE WebPack for Linux

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This page has been moved out of my blog and into our documentation section.

You may access the updated page here.


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no ise anywhere

well, I got the thing installed in /opt/Xilinx, but there seem to be no ise executable anywhere !
It was installed just off 2 CDs, 2nd and 3rd. Right ?
I got it with Spartan3.
btw, note to Xilinx, if they listein. Guys, use QT, just as you do for xinfo. nice, clean, neat, and just works. And btw, it works on windows and solaris too. One source base, all systems. Why some retarded winU platform, why, oh, why.
Please do reply to gj at, zlew dot org, thanks.

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ISE WebPack 8 is using Qt

They heard you!

And they are hiring!
"Job Title: Staff Software Engineer-System Design Tools
Job Number: 8584
- - -
- C/C++ based software development, Qt based GUI development"

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Re: ISE WebPack 8 is using Qt

Downloading the full install takes much longer, but I'm now 28%
installed (and off to get coffee...). If you were using the smaller
web-installer tool, try the full one.

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TclFileWrapper error

Thanks for the guide, it really helped me get my Webpack running...

hat is, until I installed SP4 - now I'm getting an error: "Process: 'TclFileWrapper4Halite.tcl dpm_xstRun __projnav/runXst_tcl.rsp __projnav/runsumrpt_tcl.rsp' failed with exist code 00001" when I run Synthesize from the project navigator. Similar errors appear when I try running any of the other processes, always with the same exit code...

Has anyone seen this before? What does "exit code 0001" refer to?




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Silly mistake

I must bashfully confess that I had my paths mixed up - the GUI was trying to use tools from another ISE intallation... I fixed this, now everything is pretty again...

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Curl 2 dependency (ISE 7.1)

When trying to run the installer it would compain about not being able to load 'libcurl.so.2' as I have Curl version 3 but the installer requires Curl version 2. I worked round this by using Adobe Acrobat Reader 7 copy of libcurl.so.2 (try: locate libcurl.so.2). Adding the appropiate path to my LD_LIBRARY_PATH envirmoment variable allowed installation to continue (It appears this is not a dependancy of ISE).

Just my own experiance which saved the hassle of having to download and build Curl 2. It may happen to help anyone.

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silly language warnings

Thanks! This was great help to get the software working.

I also noticed it's a good idea to add the following line prior to "exec ise", if your using another language normally. If not doing it, you'll get a lot of warnings about running an unsupported language.

echo "unset LC_ALL LANG LANGUARE" >> /usr/local/bin/startise

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Thank you very much


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ISE on Linux

Thank you. You saved me alot of time figureing this out for my self. I am so gald i can now use this in my normal system (gentoo). This is the ONE serious application I kept windows around for. (I'll admit i use serious in the loosest sense of the word, mearly being a hobbiest)


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I'm getting a seg fault --

I'm getting a seg fault -- any ideas? I did set the DISPLAY variable to :0

notebook tmp # ./WebPACK_71i_installer.sh q
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing Xilinx ISE WebPACK Installer.................................................
Wind/U Error (294): Unable to install Wind/U ini file (/tmp/selfgz9098/platform/lin/data/WindU).
See the Wind/U manual for more details on the ".WindU" file and the "WINDU"
environment variable.
/tmp/selfgz9098/platform/lin/setup: line 163: 9158 Segmentation fault $setuploc/xilsetup $switch $batchfile

************ setup done! ***************

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install as root?

I got a segfault there when I was not root. I became root, reran setup, and things seem to be working (I'm currently 23% of the way through the install).

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Error: Segmentation Fault

I am also getting the same segmentation fault, I tried to install it under Fedora Core 4. and as i could understad from the xilinx site, its supports only RHEL does that has to do anything with this?

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Getting the same segfault

Getting the same segfault :-(

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segfaults with web installer, not with full installer

Greetings and thanks for posting the hints. I ran into the segfaults as well, but only with the "web installer". Downloading the full install takes much longer, but I'm now 28% installed (and off to get coffee...). If you were using the smaller web-installer tool, try the full one.


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command line

What's the q for on the command line?

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what does this software do?

from : http://www.xilinx.com/ise/logic_design_prod/webpack.htm

# A free, downloadable PLD design environment for both Microsoft Windows and Linux!

what the heck is PLD?!!?!

well.. the website also says something about FPGA ... which I know means something to do with field programable gate arrays.. and that you can basically make a very fast single purpose computer with fpgas... so I'm guessing that this software has something to do with making cool electronic devices

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